The Diamond in the Rough

A story written by Hanna Meyers

You enter the spring semester, continuing to focus your efforts on playing for your travel team and improving your game. Your dad continues to coach you outside travel practices, and you both work together to produce a video showcasing your skills, which draws attention from a few college recruiters.

You struggled with making new friends at school because you were so focused on either doing your homework or going to travel baseball practice, and you envy the varsity team’s camaraderie. You begin to question your choice to not play for your high school team.

At your travel baseball tournaments, multiple college and Minor League Baseball recruiters attend and evaluate players. At one tournament in the spring of your junior year, an MiLB recruiter approaches you and, impressed by your tournament performance, tells you he’d like to offer you a contract to play for a minor-league team after high school as he sees a major-league future in you.

Do you...

  1. Sign the MiLB contract. It’s your ticket to the major leagues!
  2. Politely decline the offer. You want to finish high school and get a good college education.