High School Graduation

It is the day of High School Graduation and Dave is registered to attend State College University in the fall.
Dave secretly always wanted to take a gap year from college.
He did not want to go straight back to an academic setting which he found to be boring and creatively stifling.
At his celebratory graduation dinner his father puts his arm around his shoulder and tells him how proud he is that he will be attending the same college he did.
When Dave looks into the eyes of his father he does not have heart to tell him that he desperately did not want to go to college.
Dave parents help him pack up his stuff and drive him to campus to move in.

Dave decides to become brave and tell his parents that he does not want to go to college. His parents are shocked by his announcement and are furious.
They tell him if he does not go to college he will not be financially supported by them. Dave decides to take autonomy in his life and moves out.