welcome, party animal.

It's a Saturday, and it's your first high school party. To be quite honest, you're already a few drinks in, and you aren't quite sure whose house you're in. All that matters to you is that you're having fun. You don't need to worry about anything else.

That is, until you see Alex.You had not spoken in the last few weeks, and you are not sure if you are ready to approach them. Your relationship had not ended on the best terms. You could try to dodge the awkward small talk when you see your best friend Chris, making his way across the floor. You could tell he was just as tipsy as you were, if not more. As funny as it was to see him stumbling around, you know it would cause a lot of trouble if the two of you were together. Of course, you could always talk to Jordan. You have been trying to clear the air with them for a while now, maybe this was the perfect time to do so. Then again, you are starting to feel a little tired and you are not sure how you will be getting home, so maybe it is time to leave. What will you do?