Expectation of the President

As president you are expected to hold, maintain, and protect both the "crown' (position) and the "throne" (team). The president is expected to hold themselves with a prestigious level of professionalism at all times even in the event of conflict. As president, you set the standard for the entire team to follow in reference to grades, dedication, and communication. One of the main jobs as president is to cultivate a safe, positive, and inclusive environment for all members of the team. You're expected to lead rehearsals, enforce the contract, produce iconic performances, mentor members, plan events, train captains, and establish professional communication with the board of Student Development Activities. The president & vice president position is the only leadership role that decides who performs in each piece. Failure to uphold these expectations and the legacy of the Unit may result in you be DETHRONED.

Now that you are clear on the expectations of your role, it is time handle some potential conflicts that may occur during the process of producing a iconic show.