Welcome to Politi-Quest!

Welcome to Washington D.C.! You are a lobbyist for a single-issue organization
who makes your living advocating for subjects that matter to your clients-
this includes pushing members of Congress and other government officials to
support these issues in the form of votes, proposing legislation, and other various measures.

There are talks of a new regulatory bill arriving on the Senate floor for discussion that, if passed,
could do great damage to a company connected to your lobbying firm.

You need to secure votes from Senators to make sure it will never make it to the House of Representatives.
But, this is also an election year- and many members of Congress are weary to take such a sudden,
controversial stance this close to when their constituents will return to the polls.

While the cost of lobbying itself is not insignificant, it is nothing compared to the vast amounts
of money and influence that could arise from your success.

So get out there, you difference maker!