Haunted NYC

by Rayne McGowan

Welcome to Haunted NYC, a digital ghost tour through Manhattan! Below is an interactive map featuring famous haunted locations (noted with skulls) and a few locations where my friends have experienced paranormal activity, which I believe should be famous paranormal sites (noted with ghosts).

To interact with the map, click on a location - this will reveal an image associated with it. Once the image shows up, hover over the image while using aurasma to hear about the ghostly events that took place in that location! Tip: be sure you're subscribed to emcgowan96 on aurasma!

Some of the aurasma trigger images are exterior shots of famous haunted locations, while others are my (excellent) suggestions for what to call the more unknown famous locations when they gain notoriety. All of them, however, include 30 second paranormal stories or facts about the site!

Good luck, have fun and if you remember, the scariest thing about NYC isn't the ghosts, it's the bed bugs.

Note: If the image triggers aren't working, make sure the location point's entire photo is visible within the frame of the map.

*Gif courtesy of Giphy, music courtesy of Moby Pixels.