Welcome to Politi-Quest!

Have you ever wondered how the magnificent American legislative process takes pieces of legislation such as bills and turns them into real life laws that apply to you and me? Have you ever wanted to be a part of that super-duper process yourself? Well, now you can be!

Today is a beautiful day on Capitol Hill! And there is a new bill Congress wants to work on:

The American Freedom Eagle Act is a new bill inspired by the Widget Factory Corporation- a powerful manufacturer that employs millions across the country. However, the materials used in their products are harmful to the environment, and are damaging the lakes and rivers around factory sites.

To encourage more responsible production, a tax for clean-up efforts is being proposed, and will go into effect for areas surrounded by the plants.
So what do you think- are you ready to get out there and make a difference? Choose which legislative chamber you want to start in, and let's get goin!