Super Turtle!

by Seth Truman

As the pandemic eases, many young ones have been able to get a better understanding of the ocean thanks to places such as the New York Aquarium. However, with this newfound knowledge must come a bit of an understanding of the ocean's environmental struggles.

You'll play as this special turtle. By eating jellyfish, he'll gain energy and be able to shoot lasers. While plastic bags are impossible to break down in real life, this game puts you in a "what if" scenario. Destroy all of the plastic bags and return to shore to win! (The last one is worth three).

Double-click the green flag to start the game. Use the arrows to move, and space to shoot lasers. You have to have energy of at least 1 to shoot a laser.

Tip: Jellyfish will reappear when you exit and reenter a section.

There should be only one bag and one jellyfish in the first section. If the game hasn't loaded properly, just click the green flag again.

Music credits: Chris "Screenhog" Hendricks -- "Algae Reef"