Favorite artists

Amongst every good and bad thing that occurs music is one of the solid features in my life. I have a knack for sticking with certain artists and their discography becoming the background of my everyday life. I've chosen four artists that have become constant figures of imagination, drive and inspiration.

Especially living in the times we are in now, finding comfort in something you love is almost the only thing that can keep you sane. During thosse first few months in 2020 where I was supposed to be celebrating my senior year, I was stuck in my room trying to find something that would bring me joy.

I have always loved music but I came to this understanding and new found apreciation I never had before before. These artists in particular were also very clear in times of change how they wanted to provide music to their fans. They put on home concerts, produced new albums, made Instagram posts or TikTok videos for people to watch. It was an escape for us but also a place for the artists to dumb their pent up creativity. That stuck with me.

Through these pages I hope that you can explore their many albums and my favorite songs. Whether they resonate with you or not, there are four artists with powerful records to their names.

Click through the pages to discovery their discographies!