Movie Map

by, Nora Stock

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, travel has become restricted in many areas. One way I have been remedying my longing to travel is by watching films. Films allow me to live vicariously through the actors, and see the world through the director and cinematographer’s eyes. Without even leaving my closet NYC dorm room, I have the power to travel to Idaho, Florida, Italy, Los Angeles and beyond. I have the power to see the world through a transgender sex worker navigating the seedy streets of Hollywood, and in the same hour, I have the power to become a homeless narcoleptic on a motorcycle road-trip trying to find my Mom. For the two hours that I am watching a film, “I can make the earth stop in its tracks,” (Jim Morrison).


My Own Private Idaho


Spring Breakers

Images via Flickr. Gifs via Tumblr. Music via Yotube.