my favorite family vacations by allie pesce

my family has taken me on so many vacations and i am beyond grateful for every single one. we get to make new unforgettable memories together along with visiting a new place. i am so thrilled to continue to go on more vacations once we are officially out of the global pandemic and keep making more memories. i miss being able to travel with them due to these unprecedented times, but this will make our future trips that much more exciting. at the bottom of this page is one of our favorite songs to listen to while you take a look at the map.

photo credits:

map pointer is public domain vector (clipart)

all other vacation pictures are mine (both New Jersey's, both Florida's, California, Boston, and Jamaica)

music is credited to The Bee Gees

busch gardens: photo by Cjh1452000 (not edited at all) under the creative commons license Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International