The Sugardaddy Catcher

by Alisa Barbrie

Click the flag, click stop, and click the flag again to start my game (my life is a game now)! Use the arrow keys to move the main character (ME).

The story of a young girl who moves to LA to follow her big LA dreams... and flops and burns and fails and bombs. SO she stalks her favorite celebrities and coaxes one (maybe all) of them to fall in love with her! If she wins, she gets to live in her dream mansion and marry (and divorce) each of her husbands. If she loses, well, you'll find out! Collect as many A-listers as you can before the time runs out! Please don't fail me, I can't deal with the dissapointment in my father's eyes!


Image credits: (wikimedia commons) (RDJ pic) (Wes Candela) (Leo pic) (Wikimedia commons) (Brad pic) (nicogenin/ (Johnny pic) (wikimedia) (lose page pic) (wikimedia) (win page) (pixabay) (hollywood sign)