Where Hip-Hopceration Happens

Where Hip-Hopceration Happened, is a map that follows hip-hopceration. Hip-Hopceration is the incarnation of Hip-hop artist and figures in close proximity of hip-hop. This map shows the phenomenon of between Hip-Hop and the Manhattan Supreme Court in downtown Manhattan. Here there are 6 cases that start from the early 2000s that range from female artist, OG’s in hip-hop, and the member of the new school. Hip-Hopceration is nothing new and goes back 90’s but Hip-Hop’s consistent run-in with the Manhattan Courts is interesting. Just Uptown in the Bronx Hip-Hop was born and has taken off to be a strong force and important piece of black and pop culture. The "crimes" range from things like tax evasion, murder, racketering, and conspiracy. Hip-Hopceration tells a tale of what it means to truly make it out of poverty and a crime-ridden lifestyle. What does it mean to make it? Does it mean you’ve physically moved away from a criminal lifestyle or does it extend itself to mindset and mentality?

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