Meridians of Movement: NYC by Allison Lind

This is a map tracking significant moments in my journey with the sport of parkour. One of my favorite things about parkour is how it has completely changed the way I see New York City and other spaces I visit in my daily life. Parkour is the perfect intersection of athleticism, artistry, and innovation. I am very empowered in my practice when I am able to see a space that is clearly created one obvious purpose, and then use it in ways that it was completely not intended for. It's my favorite act of rebellion! This map is created with the intent that your own perspectives of the city might be challenged and you will get a look inside what I call the "Parkour Brain".


Riverside Park image by Sewell Chan from the New York Times.

Hecksher Park image by Jen Dev for the Columbia Journalism School. Piece titled "The Central Park Parkourists"

John Jay Park image via Sideways NYC.

Jesse Danger with The Movement Creative, image by Mya Dunlop for the blog "MyloWrites".

Image of me taking a height drop, via Sprayground Street Fighter collection.

Scoops image via Yelp.

Images of me at Hamilton Fish Park and Battery Park via Steve Zavits with The Movement Creative.

Brooklyn Zoo image via MapQuest.