The date is January 15th 2020, it's winter in New York, the skies are grey, the roads are iced and sidewalks covered in the grey sludge that reminds you of the snow that fall the day before. Leaving the house seems like a new challenge every day.... you're longing for an escape.

While browsing through the mall a couple weeks ago you saw a rafflle for a trip to a suprise destination and decided to enter on a whim but had little expectations of actually winning a prize. Your day is progressing like any other, another day, another dollar, you're going through the otions almost numb to your surroundings and just as you begin to feel your mind fade into the static you're snapped out of the daze by the loud ringing of your cellphone. you look down, the caller ID unknown, but you answer the phone anyway.

CONTRATULATIONS! You are the winner of an all expense paid 1 week vacation to a surprise destination!