by Dalia Karim

Click the flag, click stop, and click the flag again to start my game. Use the arrow keys to move the main character.

Not long ago, our nominee for the Supreme Court (now Justice), was not able to remember all the freedoms in the 1st Amendment of the Constitution guaranteed to American Citizens during her hearing. It is known that Amy Coney Barrett has little to no experience in her field, however, these protected freedoms should not be forgotten, especially not by a Supreme Court Justice. Try to catch them before she forgets again.

Credits: Original Coexist logo By Piotr Mlodozeniec This work is under a public domain Leader Speech by Freepiks Supreme Court building in Washington DC by Ken Hammond for USDA This Work is Under a Public Domain Supreme Court by Lorie Shaull Interior of U.S. Supreme Court By Carol M Highsmith Crowd Humans by Geralt on Pixabay Newspaper by geralt on Pixabay Clipboard by Jmexclusives on Pixabay Amy Coney Barrett in 2018 by Rachel Malehorn