Breana and Sarah's Cross Country Road Trip Map!

By Breana Hancock

This map mostly follows the "Loneliest Road" trail, although there are some detours. This map will highlight must see attractions along the way. These attractions include zoos, theatres, and perfect photo ops!

Click on the icon to see what the attraction is! You'll find a picture of the place, a fun fact, and the price of admission to the attraction.

This map was made by me, Breana Hancock, with the help of my girlfriend, Sarah. We met in Disney World in 2019 while on an intership, and have been together since August 21st, 2019. We are planning this cross-country road trip together.

You can also click the link called "Why is this important to us?" within every icon popup to see why this place is important to specifically me and Sarah.

Credit for all artwork and information to the rightful owners. I am not affiliated with these businesses in any way; this map was made strictly for entertainment and educational purposes.