New York City Subway Experience.

You wake up at 8:00 am in your new New York City apartment. Your first week of work in the Big Apple has just begun and you CANNOT be late.

You get ready, eat breakfast, and you are out the door by a little past 9:00 am so you have time to get your coffee.

You find a Dunkin’ right by your apartment and on the way to the subway, with the help of Google Maps of course. Being new to the city you have yet to learn the ropes of the subway and can hardly read a subway map considering it looks like a whole bunch of colorful lines.

You are on the corner of the street, times ticking, your wifi is slow, and you see 2 different entrances to the 6 train.

It’s your first day on the job and a good impression is a must. Your boss and coworkers have been New Yorkers for a long time and a “subway mishap” excuse is just as good as “the dog ate my homework.”

Will you take the Uptown 6 Train


The Downtown 6 Train to get to work on time?

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