The e-vite reminder sits in your inbox. Your event is tonight.

A sit down dinner party with friends from college. Great. You know your wife wants to go, but you also know she gets upset every time you see these guys. You can't imagine why...well, there is some backstory with Janelle being your ex...and Harris being your boss...and Matt and Kim sleeping with each other and only you knowing about it causing tension and well...Just be careful tonight, that's all.

Your fingers tap against your leg as you stand outside of the apartment door. Your wife looks at you with a raised brow and knocks. The housekeeper (really, Harris? A housekeeper to open your door?) greets you and leads your wife into the kitchen to set up her dip. Before you know it, you turn and are faced with

Janelle DeAngelo.

Your ex. Recent divorcee. Has a new fitness instagram account. Wife's nemesis.