Health Code

Everybody talks about the health stigmas of athletes. The importance of nutrition, psychological health an other contributing factors. But no one talks about dancers. This is a game about the health stigmas that affect the lives of dancers. Dance is an art form requiring the spectator to objectify and judge the body whether consciously or unconsciously. This factor weighs in the the constant overanalyzing and obsessiveness over body image in dance. In conjunction with stifling incorrect information fed to us by the health industry, dancers fall victim to lots of health problems that go unnoticed by the general public, due to a lack of awareness and proper health information pertaining to the idiosyncrasies of dance. This game will give you a day in the life scenarios of what it might feel like to be a dancer, and how the choices made to get through a day can be inevitable. I understand that this game is not everyones truth, and am in no way trying to generalize the health choices of dancers. However, I hope this game brings awareness to the importance of including dancers in the fight to change the health industry.