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Meet Arye, your friend and coworker. You didn't like him at first. He was abrasive and, honestly, one of the biggest assholes you'd ever met. He wasn't even your type physically. You grew to like him and respect him. After a few months, you even grew to have feelings for him. You realized that his abrasiveness was coupled with moments of softness, that his mind was incredible and his soul was kind and happy. You realize, slowly and all at once, that you have a crush on Arye.

Most people would act on this desire but for you, there are many obstacles in your way. One, he has a girlfriend. They've been on and off for a few years but mostly on for the past year or so. Two, Arye is your roommate's best friend. Jen and Arye have known each other for years and all three of you work together. She's seen him at his worst. Three, the community where you work is tiny. Everyone knows everyone else's business. If things went south with you and Arye, you may never recover in the work community. But even with all of these obstacles, you still find yourself wanting to go for it, to be with him. He makes you happy and you feel comfortable with him.

You have some choices to make over the next couple months.