Taking Care of Business

by Nicole Valle

Click the flag, click stop, and click the flag again to start my game. Use the arrow keys to move the main character.

This is the typical 1950s' dreamboat, help him collect records so he can become the most popular hit yet.

Hound Dog, made famous by Elvis Presley was orginally by Big Mama Thornton.
Tutti Frutti was originally by Little Richard but Pat Boone covered it and made more money because of his All-American Boy look.
Louie Louie, made famous by The Kingsmen,was originally by Richard Berry.
Many know the song "I Shot the Sheriff" but assume it was Eric Clapton who did it first, not Bob Marley.
The Rolling Stones have a famous cover of "Cherry Oh Baby" but did you know it was written by Eric Donaldson?
The Clash's song "Police and Thieves" was orginally by Junior Mervin
Soft Cell's 80's hit "Tainted Love" was a 1964 Gloria Jones song that didn't do well on the charts.


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