Where is the music?

By Nicole Valle

Over the course of the last couple weeks, I have interviewed 8 different people from all over the planet.
Here is a key to help you find out where to click.

Ella Austin,, Westfield, NJ (find the interview video here )
Aniya Lewis, Baltimore, MD (find the interview video here )
Shasha Abusara, Honolulu, HI (find the interview video here )
Elizabeth Filippini, Pequannock, NJ (find the interview her e)

You can also read interviews from:
Alicia Possades, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Jayden Crook, Sydney, Australia
Chris Pruneau, Verona, NJ
Ashley Holmes-Clark, New Haven, CT
If you hit a video, make sure you hit back and NOT EXIT or you will not return to the map.