Scout Crossing!

by Josie Janssen

Click the flag, click stop, and click the flag again to start my game. Use the arrow keys to move the main character. Use the space bar to explore objects further!

This is my stress free and relaxing version on Animal Crossing. Animal Crossing helps many people to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and other issues. But I noticed that the game can be stressful due to the tasks and never having enough money. So I decided to make a version that is very simplified. You can click on objects and get just what you need as many times as you'd like. Whether it be love, friendship, food, or rest you can get that in my version and at no cost! At this point I have only created 3 different scenes: the one you start on, the one above it, and the one below it, but I would love to expand it further! I hope you enjoy!!