Introduction of Character

Step into the mind of Charisma Harvey

Charisma Harvey is originally from a small town in Texas, where she was pretty city famous for all of her high school achievements. Charisma was Student Body president, two-year Cheer Captain, Valedictorian, Prom Queen, and the prettiest girl in town. Charisma is seen as a perfect role model by her family, friends, and peers. Charisma loves the image she has created for herself and is hell bent on keeping it intact. She has become accustomed to promoting her achievements and dealing with her mistakes privately. Charisma's constant effort to uphold this image has resulted in this natural defense mechanism that prevents her to face her emotions hands on. Usually only her close friends can acknowledge when she is going thru something. Charisma is a driven hard worker when it comes to accomplishing her dreams, but also tends to be irresponsible when it comes to partying, boys, and drugs. Charisma is now 20 years old, attending Harvard University, and studying Criminal Justice.