Sex Education Documentary

by Nichole Friedman

A documentary about sex education in American during the social media age that focuses on LGBTQ+ inclusivity within sex education.

This project is very important to me since my own experience with sex education was very bad but I was able to learn everything I need to know through the internet. So in this documentary, I will be highlighting the advantages of sex education and social media working together to educate the masses. Though social media is a very helpful tool and is bringing inclusive sex education to a large audience, kids should not have to learn about sex education like I did, through hundreds of Google searches. The problem with sex education is that sex is a taboo subject that is not talked about in a factual, informational setting. Kids are not being taught different types of birth control which are not condoms, the severity of unprotected sex that isn't just the risk of getting pregnant but the risk of getting an STI, and kids are not taught about LGBTQ+ relationships and sex. People now are becoming more open about their sexualities and at a younger age but they still are not being taught about relationships and different sexual orientations