History & Origin of Infamous Unit

Infamous Unit is a dance team that merges dancers who specialize in different styles, who maintain different levels of dance who are from all over the world, and creates one unit of students, united by dance. Infamous Unit serves to set a new standard at Marymount Manhattan College and to provide talented individuals with the opportunity to entertain, and burn off steam. As a team we will continue to promote diversity, to empower ourselves and audience. Members will learn to explore above and beyond their comfort zones, connect with like-minded peers, and bring culture to our Marymount Manhattan's campus.

Infamous Unit executes all styles of dance including hip hop, step, ballet, contemporary, jazz, funk, and much more. In addition, we specialize in the Historical Black College and Universities' dance style called J-sette. This style of dance teaches structure, instills discipline, and provides Marymount with some high energy and empowering movement. J-sette is sassy, full out, and fierce. It is performed at these institutions by dance teams who perform with the marching band.

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